Supporting Locals

Maria Curau seeks to work in hand in hand with the local community as the materials found in our products, are all sourced from nearby farming families. We wish to see the sustainability and prosperity of our neighbours so in unity, we can grow together.

Ibu Ibu means “Mothers” in Indonesian. This is their new name highlighting products created by mothers at the Balilife Mothers Centre in Denpasar Bali. Many of the mothers are widows, some live in the slums at the Denpasar rubbish dump, others begging on the streets with their children. Indonesia has no social welfare system and 50% of its people earn below $2 a day. The aim is to provide these women with a good and sustainable income. The mums workshop is annexed to the Bali life school and while the mums train and create their beautiful items the children are educated and fed nutritious meals by the Bali life team.

Women’s Empowerment

Maria Curau first and foremost is a spa for women run by women and dedicated to the betterment and acknowledgment of women world wide. Open to all ages, one woman was driven to create a place where women can feel supported and nurtured within a secure environment along with being uplifted by the presence of women surrounding her. Every nail polish is named after a notable woman who has been influential and an inspiring role model, championing the cause of womens empowerment.

With a desire to ‘give back’ to the earth and also to the beautiful island of Bali, we are proud to support the charitable organisation Bumi Sehat. $1 from every nail polish sold is donated back to this worthy cause and every dollar makes a difference.

Maria Curau. Beauty, Nature, Empowerment.

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