4 simple self-care rituals you can do during your nail care routine

Add some self-care to your nail care routine

Enjoying a yoga class, a soothing face mask, or reading a good book: whatever the ritual, self-care is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Practicing self-care rituals creates mindfulness and brings balance into your life. It’s an act of looking after your mental and physical wellbeing, of making time for yourself in a world that is constantly demanding our attention, whether you’re a full-time mom, entrepreneur, kicking ass in your career, studying, or all of the above and more! When we stop prioritizing self-care, everything else follows suit: your confidence is depleted, your energy is zapped, and you may break out or look worn out. Now more than ever, it is vital that we carve time to care for ourselves and we all need to be proactive about maintaining balance.

So the next time you do your own mani, or you’re treating yourself to our Maria Curau Luxe Manicure, here’s how you can incorporate a bit of mindfulness and self-awareness into the act.


Instead of focusing on the end result of your manicure, try to observe how you feel while doing it and where your mind wanders during the process, but remember to be kind to yourself. Perfection is not the key here, however, the awareness is.


Yes, manicures and meditation sounds like an odd pairing. But we’ve noticed that many of you feel like when you are at Maria Curau sitting in the chair with your eyes closed enjoying your manicure, it is the only time that is your own, where no one is bothering you. Making it the perfect moment for you to reconnect with yourself and include some meditation, right? So we’d love for you to experience our Mindful Manicures, a unique meditative experience that combines the healing sound of crystal bowls with Maria Curau’s signature treatments. You can find all the details here. And you can also listen to a great guided meditation by our amazing friend Anaïs Pierquet (aka @facingblankpages) who is a certified sound healer and she also hosts our Mindful Manicures events.


Self-care time is always accompanied by a candle. It sounds obvious but the ritual of striking a match, lighting the wick and watching the flickering flame, signposts your mind and body into chill mode. The soothing aroma of our Maria Curau Signature Candles made with 100% coconut wax will create a calm and cosy zen space, filled with positivity and good feeling.


We know life is at once joyous, hectic, and it’s easy to get caught up in the daily hustle. All the more reason why you should start noting all of the amazingness and awesomeness in a gratitude journal. Spend a few minutes writing down five things that make you feel grateful. Whether it’s something as small as your dog wiggling its tail or a sunny day, take a moment to acknowledge it. Before you start journaling, shut off your phone. There is no real format for what comes next, just start writing and see what shows up on paper. Recording your personal experiences brings an elevated sense of awareness, mindfulness and balance to your life.