Bawi Manugal Mini Hand / Sling Bag

Rp 900.000,00
Bawi Manugal which in literal translation means "The Planting Lady", is a sustainable and handy bag that is inspired by the important roles of Dayak women in the food security system in their community. Dayak women partake equally in the planting and harvest season. The cylindrical shape imitates the small basket used by Dayak women to carry the paddy seeds.

You can use this bag as a bottle holder, a make-up bag, and to carry your other lightweight items.

This cute mini-bag comes with a removable leather strap and scarf and allows you to wear our mini-bag in different ways:
  • Leather strap across the body.
  • Using the scarf as a shoulder bag or handbag.
  • Bonus! Use the scarf to tie your hair.

Handep is a social enterprise in Borneo. They work to empower indigenous women and farmers through sustainable fashion & agricultural products.

We launched a special "Women Support Women" collection where part of the profits will support a capacity-building project for rural women artisans. This collection fosters a real human connection between the makers and customers.

By purchasing this item, you are contributing a percentage to this cause.