Signature Candles : The Bali Series

Rp 350.000,00


100% Natural. 100% Coconut Wax. 100% Cotton Wick. 

Hand blended with naturally pressed essential oils.

Zero additives. Zero paraffin. No phthalate. No alcohol. No paraben. No sls-sles.

Available in three scents
🌿 Pandan Vanilla
🌿 Cempaka Sweet Orange Blossom
🌿 Sandalwood Jasmine Cacao

Light these babies up and raise the vibrations of your space. We are thrilled to introduce our Signature Candles inspired by the smells and beauty of the very place we call home, Bali.⠀⠀⠀

100% natural coconut wax & cotton wicks hand blended with the purest naturally pressed essential oils. Available in three distinctive scents that will please your senses.

For every purchase you make, you are giving $1 to The Plastic Exchange, helping them contribute to the local community by empowering them to change their waste behaviour through dignity-based exchange systems that result in cleaner, healthier environments.