Glass Nail File

Rp 120.000,00

Not only are glass nail files a more sustainable option since they can last for years, but they're also better for your nails thanks to their super-fine grit that allows you to create a clean, smooth, “sealed” edge, which means less peeling and chipping for your manicure!

- Your glass nail file can be used just like a classic nail file. The only real difference in technique is that glass nail files can be used in any direction, whereas traditional emery files are supposed to be moved in only one direction to avoid your nails to fray.
- Use on dry nails only. Having moisture on your nails when filing can cause splitting.
- Glass nail files are ​​most efficient on soft, natural nails. If you're wearing gel nail polish or nail extensions, you may need to use a traditional nail file with a higher grit to get the job done.