Bapili Foldable Bag

Rp 550.000,00
Bapili which in Dayak Ngaju language means shopping/buying things, is a mini sustainable rattan bag used as the container of your foldable shopping bag.

This gives you a better shopping experience. Since it is small, it doesn't take much space. You can put it inside your backpack or handbag. It also comes with a round carabiner that can be hooked around your bike.

Our products are handmade using traditional Dayak waving techniques. Each product went through a deliberate process and care to make sure they are perfect for you.


Made of natural rattans and dye. crafted using manual production processes with traditional tools that require no fossil fuel at all.


Each piece is made by unique individual weavers, different hands, and characteristics. They're also ornamented with patterns that each has a unique philosophy or story.


All rattan materials are sourced sustainably from the forests or individual gardens. We know exactly where they are sourced from and whom they are collected by.


Gentle wipe with damp cloth and store in room temperature.

Handep is a social enterprise in Borneo. They work to empower indigenous women and farmers through sustainable fashion & agricultural products.

We launched a special "Women Support Women" collection where part of the profits will be used to support a capacity building project for rural women artisans. This collection fosters a real human connection between the makers and customers.

By purchasing this item, you are contributing a percentage to this cause.