LeeLoo Bird Kundalini Bracelet

Rp 1.830.000,00

. Sterling Silver 925
. Gold Vermeil* 22k
. White Mother Pearl (view virtues)

Specificity: 3 bracelets in 1 // Enjoyable in 3 different ways ~ (see the video below).

 (*) Vermeil is a noble type of gold-finished material that is composed of a layer of gold over solid sterling silver 925.

The snake chain represents the "KUNDALINI" energy which is said to rest like a coiled "serpent" at the base of the spine and allows the flow of the energy up through the chakras, leading to an expanded state of consciousness.
It removes duality and clears your being so that the life-force energy can circulate through you freely.

Feel that vitality infused into our "KUNDALINI" creations!